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Goblin Orc

Dark Omen Expanded 2

Dark Omen Expanded 2 is now out!

A new way to play Dark Omen with new models, banners, factions and more! Currently it includes 12 Factions, all classic Warhammer armies now available to play with in multiplayer and more to come! (2 more in the making)

The single player campaign is also coming along nicely with new enemies and a new army to play with, with plans for more to come! Using the great map patch V3 and the head patch (both by Ghabry) to unlock cool new features, DOE will surprise and amaze!

Coming soon New Fortress Map to Play these exciting new Races on

  • Fortress Map

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    Advent Calendar Programs and more

    Like last year the most important programs of the advent calendar have been added to the download section (click the headlines to get directly to the download):

    Map Patch v3

    A new version of the map patch that allows you to deploy up to 15 regiments on any map (regiments must be set to auto deploy).

    Head Patch

    This patch allows you to use the NPCs like Klaus Zimmermann as commanders of a regiments (with working animations for CHARGE! and so on)

    Itemprice Editor 1.1

    A new version of the Itemcost editor. Featuring additional features like autopatching of the engrel.exe.


    This program allows you to edit BTB files using a text editor by converting it to a xml file and vice versa.

    RotD - Rise of the Dead v1.00

    Ok this was not in the calendar... This mod features new interesting singleplayer-battles by altering the deployment zones, enemy scripts and units. Beware: High difficulty!
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